How to connect SyncMan and JamMan?

Using a TRS mini Jack (stereo-3.5mm), connect the JamSync OUT to JamSync INput on the JamMan. 

How to power up SyncMan?

SyncMan needs a 9Vdc - 100mA power supply. Center must be negative like every power supply for guitare effects (Type BOSS). You must see the picture below and the indication 9V= or 9VDC on it.

A specific adapter can be buy from the shop.

have a rythmbox with MIDI output. Will it works?

YES. I don't know any rythmbox or sequencer without the MIDI sync option. To be sure, search in your user guide how to activate the midi clock / midi beat or midi sync function.

And the beatbuddy?

YES. Since the last firmware updates (june and august 2015), there is no more trouble with beatbuddy and syncman.

I'm using a music creation software or a DAW. Could I synchronize it with the JamMan?

YES. You need at least a MIDI interface and cable. Every software with midi output ability have the Midi Sync option (or midi beat, or midi clock). To be sure and to see how to activate it, search in your user guide.

How to use Korg Input?

Use a TS or TRS (mono or stéréo) mini Jack 3.5mm and connect Sync output on your Korg device to the Korg/Clock INput of SyncMan.

How to use an external clock?

Plug a mono jack 3.5mm on the Korg/Clock INput. Square clock signal must be on the TIP, and seelve to gound. This input give you the ability to synchronize with CV/Gate signals. The minimal tension required is 0 to +5V (TTL) but it can support +/- 15V

have MIDI and mini jack sync outputs. Witch one is the best?

Midi transmit start and stop informations, so it's preferable to use it.

How to start a new recording in synchro mode?

Synchro signal is transmitted on the down or first beat, that's why pressing pedal must be done before. Your JamMan will wait the start of your rythm to ensure you'll record in perfect sync !

Examples :

How to finish it?

For ending the loop, pedal could be pressed around the down beat.
If pressed...
Before : JamMan will wait the synchro signal (ie down beat) to stop recording and play the loop.
After : JamMan will correct the lenght, making a perfectly synced loop.
On it : Very nice! It would work, for sure! 

What are the minimal and maximal lenght for my loop?

The shortest loop you'll be able to record is tempo determined. Below 120bpm minimal lenght will be 2 beats, whereas over 120, it will be 4 beats.
Total lenght of your loop only can be a multiple of this 'root loop' : 2x, 3x, 4x ...etc...
If you're using several JamMan, every pedal could record a different lenght, multiple of the 'root loop'.

Is it possible to record immediatly when i press?

NO. JamSync system needs to wait the start of a loop for recording or playing.

If i change tempo, does my recorded loop will strech?

NO. It's not possible to change tempo without desynchronizing your recorded loop. You'll need to delete it and make another one with the new tempo.

Could i play a pre-recorded loop?

NO. JamSync only permits to do live recordings. Playing sample or pré-recorded loop in sync mode wouldn't strech it!

When i start playing my rythm, SyncMan's led doesn't blink immediatly. Is it normal?

YES. SyncMan needs to calculate incomming tempo and this take... a bit of time! The first sync signal is send 2 or 4 beats after start, depending of received tempo.

Is SyncMan firmware is upgradable?

YES. The updating software permits to flash the SyncMan memory.  Please see 'Support' page for more information.

What warranty?

Retractation time is 30 days counted from reception, and SyncMan (as all Custom Live Electronics signed devices) have 1 year warranty.

How could i order one?

In the shop, select SyncMan unit and the accessories you need. Shipping fees are 10€ for all Europe and 12€ for Worldwide shipping.

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