• Syncman sync Jamman


    Offers synchronization options to JamMan pedals. 

    MIDI and Korg synchro compatible.

    Wired and assembled by hand in France.

    Please read carefully shipping timing conditions... : click on 'More...'

  • Power adapter 9v boss type

    Power supply - Europe plug

    External power supply for Custom Live Electronics effects and SyncMan.

  • Buy patch jack cable

    Jack patch Cable - 15cm

    Small Jack cable (15cm) with angled plugs.
    Wiring for pedalboards.

  • Buy mini jack 1m

    Mini Jack - 1m

    Mini Jack TRS (stereo) 3.5mm 

    To connect all audio equipments
    To connect SyncMan to JamMan pedal.

  • Buy midi cable 2m

    MIDI Cable

    MIDI cable with DIN 5 male connectors
    Available in 1 or 2 meters.

    To connect SyncMan with midi sequencer.

  • buy instrument jack cable 3m

    Jack Instrument Cable - 3m

    Standard instrument Jack cable.

  • NOS Germanium Fuzz

    Old Russian Bender

    Vintage Fuzz

    Russians germanium transistors from seventies (NOS) selected to obtain the best gain.

    Wired and assembled by hand in France.